Why buy from Mundial

Strategic geographical position – better sea freight rate

Thanks to it's unique and strategic geographical position, Mundial de Coco can easily deliver to USA and Europe with very competitive prices, thanks to it's low sea freight fares.


New industrial working concept (Know-how developed from Mundial)

At Mundial we have a new fully automatic industrial concept of working the coconut shell based products, developed directly from our technicians. We have built our own knowledge.


Flexibility and easy capacity to reach customer's requirements

Due to it's extremely flexible working concept, Mundial has a very high possibility to meet every single customer requirement and our people is always at your disposal to cooperate and reach together a specific target. The percentage of fibre and the moisture ratio inside our products for example, can be related to customer's needing.


Industrial techniques means clean operating conditions, quality, homogeneity and standardization of the product

Up until now, coconut substrate producers from far east have used scrap material originating from other industrial processes, often processed in non clean operating conditions. When you buy from far east countries (India, Sri Lanka, etc.) the process followed is: the shells are posed in bogs to have a so called washing, then are sun dried. After that, long and medium fibres are extracted, because these products have a superior value and are sold separately, then the pith and some residual fibres are left to macerate and then sun dried and finally compressed. This means that the material obtained isn't homogeneous and has chemical and physical features that are often very diverse.
Mundial de Coco is the only company in the world that processes the entire coconut husk, which has not been involved in any other kind of processing. The complete range of fibres (long, medium and short) and the entire pith are available for use. This way Mundial de Coco is able to standardize and maintain constant the various types of mix to which it gives rise.


Product delivery not connected to weather condition

If you have bought product form far east you may have experienced what follows: the company tells you that there's no more product available. The reason why this happens is that collecting and processing in the far east is closely bounded to weather conditions and operational difficulties (monsoons, political and labour factors, etc). This never happens in Dominican Republic. Mundial de Coco saves it's customers money and time by ensuring reliable deliveries and standard quality.


Possibility of adding features to the product such as exchange solution, sterilizatio...


Generally the regulations, quality control aspects and certifications of the coconut based material producing countries, are unable to guarantee total compliance with the standards of quality used in Europe and US. An important aspect of this matter concerns the presence of infesting plant see, fungi, insects or even pathogenic fungi which may have been conveyed in the coconut substrate. Products in Mundial are steam sterilized (if asked) before packaging. They are therefore free of any kind of infesting substances.


Exchange capacity

During the processing, at Mundial we include the possibility to include the washing of the material in a special exchange solution, to rectify the nitrogen, calcium, sodium and potassium presence in the substrate. Unique to our “Quality Control Process” is our capacity to exchange. The definition of “exchange” is the act of substituting one thing for another. During our processing it is possible to include a secondary washing of our product in a special “EXCHANGE SOLUTION”. The benefit of this process is the addition and balancing of the Nitrogen/Calcium/Sodium and Potassium presence in our finished product. This is important to meet or exceed the “Quality” required by some of our clients.
To our knowledge, Mundial de Coco is the only company able to provide this type of solution in the industry.


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