The qualities of Coconut

The Mundial de Coco range of products

At Mundial de Coco we have developed a unique production process that guarantees quality standards, flexibility, homogeneity and standardization of our range of products.
We have three lines of Coconut Shell processed materials that provide us with three basic separate Coconut Shell based products. Our people is available for any kind of request or needing.

1. Coconut Shell Fiber only — 35% moisture, ¾” average length
2. Coconut Shell Fiber (50%) with Coconut Shell Peat (50%) with 20% moisture
3. Coconut Shell Fiber (50%) with Coconut Shell Peat (50%) with 50% moisture

  • Element Analysis available upon request
  • See attached specification sheets for packaging
  • Upon Customer Request, we will entertain other additives

Production Process/Standard Product:
The hull is crushed and ground until the required fiber and kernel blend is obtained. The material is then subjected to thorough washing to eliminate the labile salinity. The damp product is then conveyed to a steam sterilizer* (when requested) to eliminate all infesting substances, and further reduces the labile salinity. Then it's passed trough a drier, to reduce it's moisture. Finally, the material is then pressed and shaped into blocks.

After the washing process, the product is pH neutral.

  • Standardization and Homogeneity
  • Sterilization (when requested)
  • Low labile and structural salinity
  • Re-balancing of the potassium/calcium/nitrogen content (if asked)
  • PH Neutral

All products are available in compressed blocks that are shrink-wrapped and skid packed or in large bulk pack bags (available in 20 and 40 foot container lots only). Further, both products are available with either 50% or 20% moisture content.

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