Features of our product

  • 100% organic material
  • 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly
  • excellent dampening feature (superior to peat)
  • high water retention capacity
  • excellent free porosity (oxygenation of the radical apparatus), increases soil aeration
  • physical structure which remains stable for a long period of time (particularly suitable for growing in pots for a long duration – it doesn't loose volume or elasticity)
  • very simple to use
  • clean, odourless, pleasant and easy to handle
  • transport savings (highly compressible, low volume and high quantities shipped on a container)
  • Holds 5-10 times its weight in water
  • Higher Yields
  • Improved root growth
  • Longer soil life than Peat Moss
  • Alkalinity that holds and gradually releases plant nutrients to plant roots

These are the main aspects that characterize the Natural features of our product, to which it must be added that coconut it's a truly renewable resource and it's therefore eco compatible. Therefore, unlike the peat moss which is subjected to increasingly stringent regulations as concerning its extraction (which involves the distrction of humis zones and the wild flora and fauna), in the case of the coconut only the actual nuts are used, which in the Dominican Republic are harvested three times a year.


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