Quality certification

Only Mundial can provide real quality certification, in fact we have developed a total quality programme, which makes it possible to provide an authentic identity card for each coconut shipment, which can illustrate the entire product history. Mundial de Coco has quality control programs that make it possible to follow-up and check every stage of the production process. Our quality confirmation is only obtained after all of production materials pass specific tests (all results are recorded). For each production lot, it is possible to draw specific “Identity” results that certify the entire product history. Due to our advanced process, we can offer the highest quality coconut product and value to our clients. Our products isolate the sodium specific cellular compartments, assuring that sodium is reduced to levels that are acceptable in all cultivation’s or for horticultural use.
Mundial de Coco has an in plant laboratory that tests and certifies each batch of product produced. In addition to our in plant certification Mundial de Coco verifies its results through periodic analysis. “In the near future and upon request, Mundial de Coco will be able to provide a certified element analysis for each Coconut shell based product.” Mundial de Coco testing has proven our product to be extremely clean in its “natural state” without sterilization. Additionally, “For every two pounds of product processed Mundial de Coco utilizes seven gallons of fresh water in cleansing.” The majority of our clients do not require sterilization pursuant to our advanced cleansing process. All Mundial products have a guaranteed Ec, due to the fact that all products are washed in pure water during the production process.

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