La Mundial de Coco SRL is a private company, whose ownership is shared by American and Italian partners with multi-year experience in the production and marketing of fiber and pith of the coconut shell

Company History

Founded in 1996 in the Dominican Republic, the company has constantly developed and updated its production technique based on a fully automated manufacturing process. With a production site of 150,000 square meters of free zone, 10,000 of them are covered, it has a production capacity of 1,500 tons per month. La Mundial de Coco is the first and largest company dedicated to the production of products derived from the husk of the coconut shell located in the geographical area of the Americas.



Our mission is to be a market leader by producing and supplying our customers with eco-renewable fiber and pith of the best quality. Also, flexibility and competence in reaching the specific needs of our customers are our prerogatives.

By virtue of the experience acquired in this sector and through the application and development of technologies and new industrial production concepts, the company is able to guarantee a constant and uniform production characterized by high standardized quality levels.




Nowadays, our products have a multi-year and consolidated application in the following sectors:

  • Professional – organic agriculture
  • Professional – organic flower-growing
  • Litter for farms - organic
  • Green building
  • Thermal/acoustic insulation
  • Control of soil erosion
  • Environmental reclamation
  • Absorption of industrial liquids
  • Industrial waters filtration
La Mundial de Coco production plant in the Dominican Republic 


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