• 100% organic material
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Excellent wettability, higher than that of peat
  • High water retention capacity “pith”
  • High draining capacity “fiber”
  • Excellent free porosity “oxygenation for the root system”
  • Alkalinity that allows the slow release of nutrients to the root system
  • Stable physical structure “optimal for long-lasting pot culture, it does not lose volume and elasticity”


These are some of the main aspects that characterize our products, to which we must add that the raw material that is used is a renewable resource, and therefore eco-compatible. So, unlike peat, which is subject to increasing restrictions as regards its extraction (which determines the destruction of wetlands with their flora and fauna), only what is collected is used in the case of coconut, and in the Dominican Republic the production is continuous with 4/5 harvests each year



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